Training Subscription Scheme 14/15

In response to the comments we have received regarding the new training subscription scheme, we have extended the period in which a new training subscription can be purchased to midnight 23 March 2014.  This extended date is in order to coincide with the provider briefings where there will be a final opportunity to raise further questions before deciding the number of places you purchase.

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3 Responses to Training Subscription Scheme 14/15

  1. A Bunrett says:

    Sorry I wont be paying ….Its too expensive for 1 course and 2 e learning
    Have found the courses that meet our requirements cheaper elsewhere

  2. We have given this a lot of thought – thank you for continuing to source us the best training at the best price that you are able to under the new code. We have been fortunate to benefit over the past years with a wealth of funded training and support. In light of the changes to the subscription and In these times of reduced funding there are courses outside the subscription that we will be perusing to meet our training programme needs, however we will still purchase some places with the new subscription in order to take advantage of the e learning courses and access to remaining bursaries etc that will still be included.

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