Services for Young Children (SfYC) is a part of the Children’s Services Department within Hampshire County Council. Its primary purpose is to deliver the Government’s National Childcare Strategy, and to ensure it helps to meet the needs of all children, parents and carers across Hampshire.

SfYC aims to ensure that there is sufficient, high quality early years education and childcare for all children and their families throughout Hampshire and to enable vulnerable children to be included.

Information for parents

Support for childcare providers

  • Find information on developing your childcare business and recruiting staff.
  • Access information on qualifying and continuous professional development courses.
  • Look for a job in the childcare and early education sector.
  • Access SfYC publications to keep up to date with current issues and best practice in childcare.

SfYC has set up and supports the work of the Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership in Hampshire. The Partnership brings together all representatives who have an active involvement in early education and childcare.

Each year the Partnership helps SfYC construct an Early Years Development and Childcare Plan that sets out the work to be done and attracts funding from the Government. SfYC in conjunction with the Partnership has to report quarterly to the Department for Education about the progress being made and account for expenditure.

If you can’t find the information you need please contact the Services for Young Children helpline on 01962 847070 or email us at childcare@hants.gov.uk.


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