Your March bulletin from SfYC

Welcome to the monthly bulletin from SfYC.
Apologies for the late posting of this bulletin. It is has come to our attention that readers are receiving inappropriate advertisements alongside postings and, as a consequence, SfYC will be using a new blog from April.  A link to the new blog will be available on our website and will be sent to all SfYC business email addresses.

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3 Responses to Your March bulletin from SfYC

  1. Paul Didymus says:

    Thank you for the March Bulletin.

    Please may I ask for some advice about the training subscription? I am aware that the date has been extended, however I am unable to access any information about how to pay the subs. I will really struggle to pay for this…as I am sure may settings will, however we will be wanting/ needing training so there is no choice.

    Please forward details of how to pay the subscription, and the payment charges, so that I can do so before the due date. Thank you.

    Pauline Didymus

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